Aloe Vera
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Cultivation and harvest of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller
Forever Living Products (FLP) is the largest
Our Aloe Vera leaves are harvested by hand, and washed mechanically, then they are cut apart to get rid of the outer covering. What remains is a clear gel which contains the effective active ingredients of the Aloe Vera.
This clear gel
is collected in stainles steel tanks so they can be subjected to the patented stabilising process which decidely prevents the loss of valuable nutrients and other key ingredients from the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera of America, the manufacturing company in Dallas, Texas is one of the best facilities of its kind. It includes a research department comparable with the best cosmetic laboraties in the world.
Many of our Aloe Vera products carry the I.A.S.C - Quality Seal, the Kosher seal of approval as well as the Islamic seal of approval, which emphasizes the purity of our products, and points out the general acknowledgement our products realize in the world market.
All of our product are subjected to exhaustive quality control by a team of micorbiologists so that our customers can always depend on a consistent level of effectiveness.
Forever Living distributors and consumers expect the highest quality products. Our excellent facilities, and our personell work diligently to acheive and maintain this uncompromisingly high standard of quality.
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