Very often you use certain websites that have their own apps. That’s when you think which one is better to use. Let’s see which one will work for you.

The advantages of using apps

The app is often more convenient. It fits your screen size and optimizes the way you see the lists and text. Many companies develop the apps to improve the users’ experience and make it more convenient to browse through it.

As a rule, the app loads faster than a website you access from your smartphone. Some data is compressed or removed for you to enjoy the speed of browsing. It’s one of the reasons why shopping apps are thriving. They secure a better experience and add comfort to online shopping. You can get an Android APK for almost anything nowadays.

The disadvantages of using apps

On the other hand, some apps have limited functions. It takes a lot to develop and an app and many companies simply cut the tools to deliver only some major functions. For instance, when you go to an online store, you are able to filter the products according to the brand, size, etc. Very often when you look for something through the app of the same company, you aren’t able to filter the results of the search. In addition, some apps take too much space on your smartphone. In such cases, people prefer to use the website and be a bit uncomfortable than to fill the space with the app.