You might be wondering how to hide your identity when surfing various websites for contents, run numerous accounts on the same device and many others. Surfing through some websites may not be possible due to location problems or not being a legit user. To hide your original IP address and scrape information from the websites, residential proxies, an IP address that can mask your identity can be used. The proxy IP address provides you anonymity while browsing through the internet, download or upload torrents through peer to peer connections and much more services. This proxy address is useful in many firms and has benefits that one can experience.

Why do we use a proxy network?

The idea of a residential IP is that it is an address, tied up to the physical device, for example, to a desktop and hides the true identity when surfing online. Some websites might restrict access due to your geographical locations, and the solution to the problem is to use a residential IP. Some firms depend upon these proxy network providers for market research and social networking platforms.

Under market research, the IP mainly helps in web scraping, ad verification, and SEO. Web scraping allows you to collect all kinds of data and move ahead of your competitors. It increases your website’s potential when compared to other firms. Localising advertisements in websites is possible with residential proxy.

If you require to manage multiple accounts in a social media platform, then using proxy IP address can be beneficial. Hiding your original IP, it helps you maintain accounts simultaneously without getting affected.

 Setting up residential IP

Before setting up a residential IP, choose the appropriate device to tie up the IP address. Approach the reputed residential IP service provider, who provide the required technical support and security. If you wish to buy a proxy IP, they are available at affordable costs, and it is better to use residential IP addresses to avoid getting blocked by the internet servers. To keep yourself safe online, use proxies and the usage is entirely legal. Selecting the right service provider, and safety of using it depends on how you use them. Set up a proxy IP and experience the web scraping at an affordable cost.