Electrolux is one of the few companies that offers technical solutions to meet your needs for different types of washing. Each of our equipment developed using special technologies to meet all the needs of our users. Following to the feedback and suggestions of our customers, we manage to create a high-quality product and upgrade it in the future. Thus, for washing, you can choose one of the systems built into the system of the machine (for example, frontal, side or rear load).

The affordability of the price of our equipment is evident, because if you compare prices for commercial washing machines of other brands with Electrolux, then you will see a significant price gap. In order to see the full market price of the Electrolux commercial washing machine, go to our website now.

On the website, you can find technical specifications, necessary documentation regarding the product in English and German, as well as professional support services for our managers.

No matter where our buyer is, Electrolux serves its customers in any country around the world. Thus, you can be sure that the highest quality products at attractive prices will be delivered directly to your home. No wonder Electrolux won the trust of its customers in many countries precisely for its quick service and order processing.