Opening a company in Switzerland requires enough time, professionalism and money. You can begin your own business in Switzerland regardless of where you live, but its launch implies a high return on your expenses. However, government incentives and low taxes offset these costs over several months.

In general, different prices are depending on the type of company, including:

  • A public limited company or an AG: 1,750 – 3,000 CHF;
  • A limited liability company or GmbH: 1,230 – 2,000 CHF;
  • A limited partnership: 300 – 900 CHF;
  • A sole enterprise: 500 – 900 CHF.

These are generic and non-fixed prices, since you may encounter a higher or lower price depending on where you start your business and what type.

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Our experts will help you at every stage and prevent unnecessary operations for you and save time.

Besides, think about your company maintenance. Of course, in the process of creating a Swiss company, pay attention to its subsequent provision so that the company remains viable and meets all local and federal business requirements. In particular, all documentation must comply with local and national laws.