64 black and white squares, 16 pieces, and a king. Who wins? Chess is a board game that involves strategy and quick thinking by the two players. It is said to have originated from “Chaturanga” and is played by millions around the world. Each of the pieces have their unique moves with the least powerful piece being the pawn. The queen is the most powerful as she is capable of moving in any direction. The game aims to checkmate the king of the opponent. The pieces must move, attack and capture the pieces of the opponent while simultaneously supporting each other.

Chess Bots

It is a real time chess move calculator which you can use to play chess online. It can either show you the moves or play by itself if you set it on an automatic mode. The bot will work only if the configuration of your screen is at 100% and your display colour is at default. This is how you can set it up:

  • You can download the trial version or the full version which you can gain access to once you pay for the same.
  • You can launch the application to any folder after unzipping it entirely.
  • Using the option “run as administrator”, you can launch the program.
  • Once the program is launched, open the website through which you wish to play the game. Just ensure that your game is completely visible from the screen.
  • You must remember that the bot can be used to play the game only from the starting position and not otherwise.

ChessBot.Com will work on the chess websites that are popular. The program is capable of recognizing certain boards or pieces. To check if the besite you use is on the list, you can check the website for all the compatible boards.