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Basic ideas and information of the essay writing

The essay will contain three different types which are descriptive, narrative, reflective. In the descriptive model essay, the writer should describe the things, persons, places, and particular organizations, and so on. In the narrative model essay, the writer should narrate or creates a story, ceremony, or events. For example, if the students have an assignment to write an essay in which they spending their excursion in a particular place. In the reflective model essay, the writer should create an idea on public subjects or public events. This could need some top information with true ideas. If the student will get an assignment to write an essay about honesty, friendship, discipline, and so on. These are the three different types of essay which is frequently used. The essay writing process will be classified into three ways to simplifies the work. In the first process, the writer should choose a topic that is attractive and innovative. In the second process, the writer could make some research on the required items and information about the topic. And then make a bibliography. Finally completing the project with informative words. This is a great and simple idea to complete the great essay.