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Is an award winning freelance writer, journalist, and author with a passion for telling stories about social justice and environmental issues. Her first book, Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism, and the Fight to Feed the World (University of Regina Press) was released in early March 2002.


Whether you want it or not, we all are living busy, hectic lifestyles and sometimes we don’t have time even for our friends and family. However, when it comes to our loved ones, they undoubtedly deserve the best, especially when they are celebrating their milestones. If you don’t have an opportunity to head down outside to find a good gift, there’s only one decent option: buy them some gorgeous flowers on the Internet. With several clicks on your smartphone or computer, your mother, partner or best friend who lives in Latvia can get a wonderful bouquet delivered to their home.

The only disadvantage of booking flower delivery online is that there are so many floral companies on the web to choose from. How to pick a good website? And last but not least, is it safe to send flowers during coronavirus outbreak?

How to order flower delivery on the Internet safely

We prepared several simple tips to help you make your online shopping for flowers easier. Here is what you should bear in mind.

  1. Choose a floral business you trust. If you want to use flower delivery in Latvia and, in particular, Riga, search for ziedu piegade Riga to get the best options.
  2. Think twice before clicking. Don’t be tricked and go directly to the business’ website to verify the offer is reliable.
  3. Check payment options carefully. For example, using a credit card is better because they are more protected.
  4. Flower delivery is as safe as other types of deliveries amid the pandemic.


During the early stages of life, women are mostly experimenting and discovering their personal style and experiencing different things in life. In the 20s, women are all about change and innovation. There are things that are useful to them and some things are not.  If you have a best friend or a friend who is a woman in her 20s, choosing a gift for her can be a tricky thing.  However, there are plenty of unique gift ideas for women visit site.

Here is a list of some amazing gifts for women in their 20s

A Polaroid camera

Everyone loves photography and capturing new and exciting things. An instant camera will be a perfect gift for any woman in her twenties experiencing new things in life and going to different places.

A trendy keychain

This is an item of utility and also a perfect gift item for women in their twenties.


A pair of gold hoops, danglers, studs or ear cuffs would make a perfect gift item for young women. They are fashionable and bring some style to their appearance.


Lipstick is the most important makeup item that every young woman must own.  Lipsticks make a perfect gift idea for women in their twenties.

A handbag

Women have a lot of daily utilities that they carry with them at all times.  A trendy, chic handbag would make a perfect accessory to complete her look.


A beautiful locket, pendant or a necklace would be perfect for any woman in her twenties.

The sound health and well-being of children are in the hands of their guardians and hence, it becomes their duty to teach them, the importance of cleanness and hygiene. Doing so will make them grow up as a person who likes a healthier way of living but in order to make them believe in it several things should be provided to them. The very basic thing that could be provided to a child is thermos.

Outside food is a waste

The importance of thermos is very understood in current times, with the adultery that happens in the food industry it is simply not safe that your child is consuming outside food. If you have bought the best thermos for kids they will be having the food that you have packed for them and this will save them from hazardous outside food. The other best thing about the thermos is that whether it is a food or fluid it keeps up with its temperature. This means you can also send soup to your kids.

Now when you are aware of the significance of a thermos in your child’s health & well-being you may consider buying one.

Get Pink Flower Macaron Box only for $95.00 instead of $115.00! First time in Ottawa – THE INCREDIBLE FLOWER MACARON BOX would be a perfect gift for a friend or a beloved one. This present box is an amazing combination of macarons and flowers. It is a great gift for anyone, isn’t it? The box consists of the best selected flowers for you from us and recently baked macarons from our partner café. We promise you that your gift will be impressive and the best among all of the presents. Your friends or family will be thankful for such colorful and tasty gift.

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