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Susan Bywater

Is an award winning freelance writer, journalist, and author with a passion for telling stories about social justice and environmental issues. Her first book, Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism, and the Fight to Feed the World (University of Regina Press) was released in early March 2002.

Buying things is becoming a famous and trending thing in today’s world. In the older day, people don’t have that much facility to get even essential things for life. But now there are lots and lots of opportunities and technology development are available. Consequently, our lifestyle becomes easy and everything is comfortable for us. With this fast-growing technology, everything is possible and we can able to many things in our hands in a short time. Online shopping is also one of the technological development and several people make use of it. Few people prefer it seldom but most people use regularly even to buy small items.

Refund through online service

Some products come directly to the online store and after a few days only it reaches then regular retail stores. As a result, it made the business to the next level and the entrepreneur can enhance their sale with these online stores. People also show more interest in online shopping worldwide. It makes their work easy and the process is done quickly. You have many options for online shopping. If you don’t like the product after ordering it, cancel it immediately. Unless you ordered the wrong products accidentally, you can return them and get a refund.

How does the refund service work?

The online product which you have purchased is damaged or missed at any cost, the company should take full responsibility for it and give replacement or refund your amount. In case they have not repaid your amount, approach the refund service to proceed further. The service has provided some information about the product details in their website bestrefunds.net. This service helps you to get back your money for the product that has bought already online. In such a case, you don’t need to give the product back and get a refund for the product by using the refund service.


64 black and white squares, 16 pieces, and a king. Who wins? Chess is a board game that involves strategy and quick thinking by the two players. It is said to have originated from “Chaturanga” and is played by millions around the world. Each of the pieces have their unique moves with the least powerful piece being the pawn. The queen is the most powerful as she is capable of moving in any direction. The game aims to checkmate the king of the opponent. The pieces must move, attack and capture the pieces of the opponent while simultaneously supporting each other.

Chess Bots

It is a real time chess move calculator which you can use to play chess online. It can either show you the moves or play by itself if you set it on an automatic mode. The bot will work only if the configuration of your screen is at 100% and your display colour is at default. This is how you can set it up:

  • You can download the trial version or the full version which you can gain access to once you pay for the same.
  • You can launch the application to any folder after unzipping it entirely.
  • Using the option “run as administrator”, you can launch the program.
  • Once the program is launched, open the website through which you wish to play the game. Just ensure that your game is completely visible from the screen.
  • You must remember that the bot can be used to play the game only from the starting position and not otherwise.

ChessBot.Com will work on the chess websites that are popular. The program is capable of recognizing certain boards or pieces. To check if the besite you use is on the list, you can check the website for all the compatible boards.

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Dissertation Help

Academics was never easy, especially when it comes to writing long essays, projects and thesis for your university diploma or degree. In the current scenario, people like multitasking and learning more and more things, they just don’t want to spend three four years in completing their academics, but it becomes hard to do all the academic of your own when your exams starts approaching.

Moreover, when you don’t attend university regularly writing research papers can be a big trouble for you. You don’t hold enough knowledge about the research topic neither you are aware of the format of writing. If you are engaged in some part time job or doing any additional course, it becomes hard to manage time for other things. You need to give all your time and dedication to the writing work at the cost of disturbing your daily routine. But hey, what if you can save yourself from writing that long thesis and invest that time in studying, gaining knowledge or doing some productive help. There are many websites who provide services of professional writers and gives you dissertation help service. The word ‘custom’ is added here to tell you that, you will get customized services.

Features Of Custom Dissertation Help

People get bit scare when it comes to taking help of dissertation websites for writing papers. It involves risk of plagiarism, but you can save yourself if you spend some of your time in finding out the website which offers you following features:

  • Go for any website only when they guarantee you plagiarism free content. When it comes to dissertation writing, university asks for fresh content but what most of the writers do is that they copy paste the papers of old students.
  • Don’t forget to check the customer reviews to ensure the quality of content.
  • Confirm about the delivery time of papers because in the end, writers start making excuses and ask for extra time.

Also check the ownership factor, make sure that writer knows that you will have ownership on the content. They can’t claim later that perspective content belongs to them. Tell them about the structure and formatting which you want in the papers.

Education is a vast area in this advanced world and it plays major role in the society. Even though every school and college has very good teachers and professors, lot of students are seeking their help and clearing their doubts mostly with the help of internet. Internet is really a boon to the people and particularly for students who really wants to get top marks in their studies and shine in the society.

There are many online websites are available for education. Some websites are paid websites where you need to pay and you can use and get your requirements. Some free websites are also available where you need not pay and you can access it on your own and can get all kinds of education related queries and doubts. https://info-servis.net/en is a free education website for free and you can get all your required stuff freely.  Need to register and can login with your name and details. Many relevant answers and replies will be given to your all kind of query which you posted

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